How to Swim : How to Swim the Backstroke

How to Swim : How to Swim the Backstroke

When swimming the backstroke, get comfortable floating on the back and then incorporate kicking and arm strokes. Swim the backstroke with tips from a swimming instructor in this free video swim lesson.

Expert: Phillip Toriello
Bio: Phillip Toriello has been a competitive swimmer, a surfer, a lifeguard, a swim instructor and a junior lifeguard instructor.
Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves


  1. This hurts a lot, I keep getting water in my mouth when i breath and up my nose its painful.
    but idc swim is life.

  2. don't forget to breath. lol back stroke is my fav. cause it's so easy to breath, freestyle is harder to breath, n water sometimes gets in my mouth and eyeballs making them all red and dry. 

  3. This doesn't help… My problem is everytime my arm goes back or switch arms.. my face is submerged even when my back is arched straight face stays upward.. just water goes over face for some reason… Teacher said my kick isn't strong enough? I don't know.. :[

  4. Regarding hitting the lane: that happens very often when you are learning that stroke and there are a few reasons for it. You might have too much upper body rotation, one arm could enter the water too far out, or you might enter too far inside, similar to how it looks in this video. Whatever it is, it's related to an asymmetric movement.
    Get someone to record you or watch you and give you feedback, ideally both. Correcting this yourself without seeing it from outside is difficult.

  5. If you have a regular stroke with good rhythm one of your arms will usually be behind your head in time to touch the wall before your head. But it's always a good idea to look for reference points around the pool, especially since you have to rotate around for each turn. Inside, there's often something at the ceiling you can use. Or you occasionally turn your head while breathing out to get a glimpse of how far the wall is. Over time, you'll get a feeling for how much distance you have covered.

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