How to Swim : How to Swim the Freestyle Stroke

How to Swim : How to Swim the Freestyle Stroke

The freestyle stroke is the fastest stroke in swimming and is a five-step process that requires practice. Swim the freestyle stoke with tips from a swimming instructor in this free video swim lesson.

Expert: Phillip Toriello
Bio: Phillip Toriello has been a competitive swimmer, a surfer, a lifeguard, a swim instructor and a junior lifeguard instructor.
Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves


  1. Anyone who struggles with swimming or even has FEARS when swimming.

    Trust me on this:

    I've had Hydrophobia since I was a little kid, but over the last year I've been swimming every day (or as much as I can) I use to have ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACKS when swimming. Especially I couldn't see, the water was cold or if I got dunked.

    But now after doing it so much I'm getting use to it. I just keep as calm as I can. The amazing things is I can open my eyes under water now. Which might not seem like much to some, but it's something I never thought possible. It gets even better. I can open my eyes under salt water at the beach! I was trying to bodyboard a lot and eventually after many stinging eyes I got use to it. I didn't try opening my eyes straight away but it stopped bothering me after a while of going under with my eyes closed.

    I also keep my eyes open when I come up or go under, so water drops bother me less and I have time to look around without needing to wipe the water out of my eyes.

    And now I'm diving in the water without testing the temperature. Trust me! Water has always been my greatest fear and now I'm conquering it. I want to become a strong swimmer.

    Anyone can do this like many things in life you just have to get out of your comfort zone and be consistent. You can do it!

  2. Excellent breakdown and explanation of the freestyle technique in a brief format. I really don't remember the way it was explained to me when I was first taught, because I was a very young boy then. However, THIS explanation corresponds with my freestyle technique.

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