How to Swim Side-Stroke

How to Swim Side-Stroke

This video describes how to swim side-stroke. It covers scissors kick, side-stroke arms, the full stroke, and side-stroke with an inverted kick.


  1. Can I stick my head under water , coz if my head over water i always greeting water in my nose and mouth

  2. Excellent demo….I find the demo on the small table – is a great way to practice before we enter the water…The moves are clearly explained….Thank you

  3. Howdy Chris! Even though this video is a year old i am hoping you can help  me out.  For some reason when i swim using my side stroke. Instead of swimming the whole length of the pool in a straight line i tend to veer off in the direction of my lead shoulder. This happens on my dominate side and the opposite side, is this happening due to my shoulder failing to be straight or is there another cause? I hope to hear from some input on this will very helpful and appreciated.

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