How to Swim the Butterfly

How to Swim the Butterfly

The butterfly is the most difficult strokes in swimming. However, the butterfly stroke is also one of the most beautiful. Get expert tips and advice in this swimming video.


  1. There is a lot more little technique stuff that is not included in this video. For example, keeping your head down during the breaths is pretty hard.

  2. I've been practicing it everyday now for a week. Still can't get the feet right. They don't stay together, but automatically go seperate. I'll keep practicing I guess 🙂

  3. Btw .. When doing the dolphin kick, your knees must not bend as much as this guy, your fingers and thumbs must firm and together throughout the stroke, his body is way too deep in the water, you should be just on the surface, and on your second kick you should be pulling your arms under the water and when your arms are out of the water and going back in, you should kick again. Been a swimmer for years and have mastered this stroke 🙂

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