How to Swim Underwater | Swimming Lessons

How to Swim Underwater | Swimming Lessons

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Just learning how to swim? Learn how to swim underwater with this online swimming lesson.

How to swim underwater. Push off the wall in a streamlined position, and begin to glide under the water about 6 to 8 inches under the water, and begin to do the breaststroke arms with the breaststroke kick, without coming up for a breath. This will help you stay underwater for a certain period of time without needing to come up for a breath. If you would like to have a great swim underwater, it’s suggested that you exhale a little bit so your body can stay underwater while you move your arms and your legs to push yourself through the water. The arms are kind of down like the butterfly.

You push all the way down with your arms to your hips, kick with your legs, and then recover your arms by bringing them as close as possible to your body, and reach forward to begin the repetition again. Push down, bring your arms down all the way to your hips, and come up with your arms forward. If you begin to run out of air, come up to the surface, take a breath, and then dive down again and repeat the butterfly arms with the breaststroke kick in that repetition. That’s how you swim underwater.


  1. At my first swimming lesson I seriously felt like baby style.Should have went to ultra 2 instead of ultra 1.I knew a lot of the moves but good practice.I'm in ultra 4 now.I skipped ultra 2.Finished ultra 1 & 3.


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  3. how to increase the duration we stay underwater? to be more specific ,how to increase the capacity of the lungs?

  4. I tried exhaling all of my air inside me. I spent all of my strength to paddle underwater, but my fatass still floats.

  5. I cant swim I think its because I always think am gona dround, theres a shark in the pool, or someones gona drown me
    I relly need help!

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