How to Taper Denim | ElevatedIke

How to Taper Denim | ElevatedIke

Let’s make some great fitting jeans from a pair that fits bad.
TO GET CRAZY STACKS: Longer Inseam + Small leg opening (5.5-6.5in Sewing Machine I use:
Recommended sewing machine: SE400
Song: Nothin’ Gonna Change – Silky Johnson

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  1. Could you one day make a video just like this but unedited just so I can see everything that's going on or maybe get a better understanding

  2. I just realized that you sewed from the seam line closest to the pocket as opposed to, toward the inner seam. May have to do that next time

  3. There's a lot of tutorials on how to taper but this was the most thorough and easiest to understand. Gonna do this with my old pair of 501 and a pair of nudie grim tim.

  4. QUESTION! I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but I have a handheld sewing machine and it only does straight stitch. Of coarse step 1 is do-able but step 2 where you do the zig-zag stitch is a bit hard if I can only straight stitch, so do you think it would be okay to replace the zig zag stitch with maybe 2 more straight stitches? (also great video dropped a like for the good quality of the video and easy instructions)

  5. nice.. Only, I got all my baggy jeans done & threw them in the trash after. they look horrible!!!! you can only do that with dark denim… The light jeans will look horrible if you ask me, bc the colors of the jeans don't match along the side..

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