How to Teach Speech & Drama to Children : Theater Lessons

How to Teach Speech & Drama to Children : Theater Lessons

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Teaching speech and drama to children will require you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn how to teach speech and drama to children with help from a theater and performing arts professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Betsy Balkcom
Bio: Betsy Balkcom is a diversified individual with experience in accounting, theater, performance arts, writing and project management.
Filmmaker: Ben Kasica

Series Description: There are few experiences that are quite as rewarding as getting together with a large group of dedicated individuals and putting on the best show you can. Get theater lessons and learn about a wide variety of different theater-related topics with help from a theater and performing arts professional in this free video series.


  1. I participated in theater acting as a kid and I know plenty of children who have. I turned out just fine, as did they. Last I checked, I still remember who I am.

  2. Do you always react with anger and hostility when someone's opinion differs from that of your own? Look, all we're saying is that acting in a play is totally harmless. I agree that nothing should be crammed down any child's throat. If the kid wants to do theater acting, what's the problem?

    Kids already have enough of a self-identity from a young age to know that they're just PLAYING the role of somebody else. They're not dumb enough where acting will cause an identity crisis! For Christ Sake!

  3. What are you even talking about? I went to your channel and I see I'm not dealing with a rational person, so I'm going to ignore your comments from here on out.

  4. ….part 2, And so, it makes me angry when I hear people say that a particular art is unhealthy for childhood. Ignorant! Like you said, what about school plays? If theater drama was so unhealthy, school plays would be cancelled forever! Ignorant comments just fry me!

  5. A lot of parents could use child development classes. Too many parents are completely clueless! Sad really. My wife growing up was not allowed to be creative. Her mom was highly meddling, controlling, didn't understand art or creativity and therefore didn't support it with her own kid. Needless to say, my wife when she was a kid pretty much did her artwork behind her mom's back and snuck it, in order to satisfy her natural need for psychological growth.

  6. "….getting on stage and acting something they are not dosen't seem like a decent healthy childhood."

    Oh god, I sure hope you don't pass that message on to your kids! You'd be doing them a huge disservice by denying them the opportunity to be involved in theater if they wanted to be. Like others are saying, it teaches them expression, communication and exercises their creative imaginations. Those things are valuable to their growth! It would be like telling them they can't paint or draw.

  7. I took child development courses and psychology, and part of children learning and growing is role playing. Kids LOVE to role play. That's what acting and drama is anyway. Kids like to pretend to be somebody they're not, when they're playing, anyway. If that is part of healthy development, then there is nothing wrong with children being involved in stage drama. If we follow your argument, then school plays should be banned.

    Allowing kids to act if they like it, is just fine.

  8. Teaching improv to kids is also helpful in building communication skills. It lets them get creative and express themselves in a fun way. You can ask them to re-enact a story they already know, or something they did at home over their vacation.

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