How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over and “Play Dead” FAST!

How to Teach Your Dog to  Roll Over and

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Every dog should know how to “play dead” and roll over! In this video I’ll give your the most detailed lesson I ever have on this subject! Tricks are an AMAZING way to build communication and accelerate progress in overall training! These two are usually pretty easy to teach.

Videos I reference in this video:
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  1. i have a dog and no matter what he wont listen and when i do eg.sit ive done this were i bring the treat back and he just walks back what shall i do

  2. come to my house i have a dog that needs trainning about come and go and teach to swim you can pick one to teach we live in mary todd

  3. Awesome video! I've got a video on my channel as well on more dog training if you're interested, check it out!! 🙂
    Have a nifty day :)

  4. Thank you so much!!! I followed every step and my puppy dog is now doing it on command! Only took 1 day!! Thanks!! I instantly subscribed and love your other videos. My dream is to be a dog trainer when I'm older. The leading trick helped a lot, thank you!!

  5. my dog learned roll over and then on her own started playing dead, (because I think she doesn't really like to roll over as much.) But now I have one hand signal that she thinks means play dead. and then the same hand signal that sometimes means roll over…. how do I differentiate so that it is clear to her that these are separate tricks?

  6. How can I teach my 3 dogs to only poop and pee on designated patch of fake grass in our patio area? Should I have a different command for pee and for pooping?

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