How To Throw A Baseball – ProSwing’s Top Gun Throwing Program

How To Throw A Baseball - ProSwing's Top Gun Throwing Program

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ProSwing’s Tip of the Week focuses on the Top Gun Throwing Series, a must-watch for all baseball players. Coach Matty Maher disseminates information given to him by former Los Angeles Dodger Dan Gray, and the throwing program the Dodgers created. Coach Matty will break down the progressions and steps you must take to properly warm-up your arm, as well as build arm strength. Do you want to throw harder, prevent injury, and be ready to go for game=-time? If so, this video is for you!

Coach Matty Maher is an instructor at ProSwing, and was named to ESPN the Magazine’s 1st Academic All-American Team in 2009. He is the All-Time hit and steal leader at Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Division I campus.

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  1. Step 1 does not exist in an actual throw. The elbow is not just in front of the body when you throw. The elbow is out front and beside the body. If you are going to do any kind of wrist flips, be sure to keep your elbow above the shoulder and to the side when you start and then it comes forward from there–where it will be when you actually throw a ball. We aren't throwing darts, we are throwing baseballs!

  2. I tried out for the team this year and my throwing was horrible but I made the team cause I can really make contact with the ball and catch but my only focus is throwing accurate I'm a junior now and I'm 6'4 first base I hope this video really helps me out ! Thx 

  3. 2 years of non throwing and non baseball related work.
    I need to relearn throwing the ball straight, i used to do this very well. HELP ME!!!

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