How to Tie a Necktie Trinity Knot

How to Tie a Necktie Trinity Knot

These ties would look good with a Trinity Knot:

Visit my blog for a diagram for how to tie this knot as well as some tie fashion tips:

Here is the coveted Trinity knot! This knot works great with striped ties. As a matter of fact, it works great with every kind of tie!

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  1. haha so fast thats why youtube created the speed button haha THANKS BTW so cool 🙂 it helped a lot 🙂 worth susbscribing

  2. shit , I tried it like 20 times, I think I am a lame 😀 I didnt do it so nice not even close to way you did it :((((

  3. Jesus Christ dude.
    Slow the hell down.

    You are the only decent how to I can find and you do it at 1000000mph.

    Maybe go over the steps a few times and stuff so I don't have to rewind and start over every time you I need to rewind…

  4. The thing I like about this knot is that you can really customize it a bit. Most versions I see of it have a full Windsor type of base and is very loose. Lately I've done a half Windsor base, like his last variation and tightened it quite a bit and it looked stunning.

  5. Thank you, for the very detailed video. Got the knot down after the second time and it will look great for my prom tomorrow!

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