How to Tie a Tie: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Tie a Tie: A Beginner's Guide

Never learned to tie a tie? Just watch this simple how-to video, you-cough-manchild-cough.

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  1. LOL i asked my dad how to tie a tie, gave him the tie, and literally tied the tie on me and didn't tell me how because he was to busy watching the twenty20 Australia vs India (cricket) LOL WTF DAD!!!!!

  2. Awesome, but, the end of tie should be at the center of your belt buckle, no more no less, yours ended up too high it just looks sloppy.

  3. You need a video on how to do bow ties (or I could just cheat and get the wood ones of both… ya, I cheat)

  4. ur a fuckn idiot. yes I turn to u for help bcz my nephew father passed away n he is sevn tryn to look nice for school. bcz of ur language he's fuckn heart broken n now misses his dad n don't evn Wana wear a tie anymore.

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