How to Tie a Tie: THE ELDREDGE KNOT (slow=beginner) | How to Tie the Eldredge Knot

How to Tie a Tie: THE ELDREDGE KNOT (slow=beginner) | How to Tie the Eldredge Knot

New Knot – The Half Windsor:

You’re not a typical person, so why wear a typical necktie knot?

Be the first of your friends to sport the Eldredge Knot by watching this easy-to-follow how to tie a tie video. This video goes slower than most other how to videos that teach the Eldridge Knot because it is designed for people who are learning this knot for the first time.


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  1. Dang! That's took me almost 10 minutes…good god. Gonna need to work on it but looks pretty good honestly! A brighter color would show it off better, my dark tie kinda blends the knot unless your up close. Thank u sir!

  2. I used this knot for my son's school concert. It worked great because his tie was too long so this knot used up a lot of the tie. Thanks!

  3. My favourite knot, can never remember the name of it.

    But come on, why not MrNiceTie, you missed a trick there.

  4. I got a wedding to attend to today and this is going to be my first attempt at this fancy knot. great demonstration

  5. That is so PRETTY!!! Makes me wish I was a guy & dress up in suits & ties!!! But I like being a girl, thank you very much, hahahahaha!!! Aloha!!!

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