How to tie shoelaces of your sneakers Shoes

How to tie shoelaces of your sneakers Shoes

We tell you how you can tie your shoe laces in a crisscross manner, quickly and simply!

Watch this video tutorial to become an expert in tying your shoelace!

Invest in a good pair of Sneaker shoes. These must haves can be teamed with any casual

outfits. They are comfortable, yet oh-so-stylish.

You can buy sneakers in a whole range of designs and colours to suit your wardrobe and

needs. But no matter what kind of sneakers you get, you will certainly need to learn the

art of tying your laces (except, of course if they are of the slip on variety)

A handy tip to make your sneakers look stylish is to use shoelaces in a contrasting colour

to your sneakers.

Though there are several ways of tying shoelaces, the crisscross method is one of the

most common and simplest one.

Here is how you can tie laces of your sneakers in a crisscross manner:

1. Place the sneaker in front of you with its toe (front area) facing away from you

2. Holding the shoe lace, insert each of its ends, the two of the first eyelets (holes for

inserting shoe laces) from the inner side. Make sure that the length of the lace is

equal on both sides.

3. Insert the right end of the shoelaces into the next left eyelet in a diagonal manner.

4. Working in the same diagonal manner, insert the left end of the shoelaces into

the next right eyelet.

5. Continue doing the same for all the other eyelets

6. Once you reach the last eyelet, make a single knot from the laces followed by

making a bow-tie

Types of sneakers in terms of design:

When it comes to design, there are mainly five different types of sneakers:

1. High-top sneakers: These sneakers cover your ankles and are a common type for

basketball shoes.

2. Low-top sneakers: This type does not cover ankles and lend a more minimalistic

appeal to your shoes. Running shoes are mostly of the low-top kind.

3. Mid-cut sneakers: These sneakers are in-between the high-top and low-top

variety and provide more stability than a low-top and less flexibility too.

4. Slip-on sneakers: Just like the low-top variety, these sneakers do not cover the

ankles and don’t have laces.

5. Sneaker boots: These are usually calf-grazing shoes which bring together the

comfort of sneakers with the protection of a boot.

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