How to tile a kitchen splashback part 1

How to tile a kitchen splashback part 1 brings you part one of two- How to tile a splashback in a kitchen. This video has some good tips and tricks to make the job as easy as possible.


  1. When you drew the centre line does it not work if you tile to each side of the line, so the centre line is the grout line? 

  2. Yes I live in Trinidad.I saw ppl here using thin set mortar on walls so I was wondering is that is the correct thing .I saw on yet ppl using tile adhesive….

  3. If the wall  surface smooth . Do I have to make it rough ? By methods
     – I do cavities in the wall with a hammer .
    -scratch wall .
    I do not make anything only put Glue on wall .
    thank you

  4. You are welcome.
    I'll get a plastering video filmed as soon as I get chance.
    Thanks for the comment 😉

  5. Thank you so much for your videos 🙂 can I be a pain and ask you to post one teaching how to plaster? I absolutely adore you btw xxx

  6. If it's painted you need to ensure the paint is stuck firmly. You can place a piece of carpet tape on the paint, press it on firmly and leave it 10 minutes then remove it. If the paint comes off with the tape, you should remove the paint before tiling. Thanks for the comment

  7. Would you do the same if you were applying tiles to finshed/painted concrete? or would you have to score the concrete so the adhesive sticks? Get vid by the way!

  8. You're amazing. My husband and I are renovating our kitchen ourselves and your videos have been helping us so much. Cheers x

  9. One advantage of turning the tile over are the markings behind the tiles (my particular tiles) patterns that presumably help to grip the tile but also give a good guideline in addition to a pencil line when cutting them. I did cut some the other face up but must be careful with corner cuts for blade is wider below so might get unintended cuts on part that you see. Tried to change blade for another from Toolstation but it chipped tiles so I reverted to original. How do I send you the photos?

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