How To Time Travel

How To Time Travel

Late for school? A meeting? Just take a wormhole — you’ll be there before you know it.


  1. what if space is not like a flat piece of paper but like a giant bubble. What you fold the bubble in half? You guys are like back in the dark ages with your ideas.

  2. Even if we could approache the speed of light gravity will get too strong because for every action theres an equal and opposite reaction

  3. i dont believe wormwhole can bend 2 universe, how the fuck can you bend a universe, its simple! out universe is just a small room like your CR and when you open your door you sill take a step through your door ( wormhole ) and it will get you to the other room, your bed room! the much bigger one.. its like a door not a fuckin short cut or what!

  4. But would you be able to decide where/when you want to go? And would you be able to get back? If not, it's not much use as a shortcut.

  5. i think that the time machine is already exist in the future , but they won't travel back to us – the time that we're in right now, or even travel back to the time before the time machine would be invented 'cause it might affect the existence of the time machine :p

  6. I figured a way to time travel! You need a particle accelerator(32 miles in diameter) and have two Hydrogen? Atoms going in opposite directions and on the 100th(or enough times it takes to bypass speed of light) they would need to move upwards and collide with each other, will will cause an explosion, but it will also cause a worm hole to appear in our earth, and it must be stable, or it will turn into a black hole, so theoretically I found a way to time travel

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