How To Train Your Dog: “Come Here!” PERFECTLY!!!

How To Train Your Dog:

This video is about reliably teaching your dog how to come to you when you call them. In order to teach this behavior, we have to first consider why a dog will NOT come when they are called, and then target our training specifically to address those issues. However, there are always exceptions to what works best for a particular dog and if your dog has specific needs, then it is important to consult a professional before trying these exercises.

I will be posting a follow-up addendum to supplement this video in a few days, so please stay tuned while that is under work. Here are some additional videos that might be useful to watch related to this topic:

Tips on teaching ‘come when called’:
Working around distractions:
Eye contact exercise:
Original ‘come when called’ tutorial:

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  1. Plz do more videos
    Its true that there are many dog training channels but the real helping one is Training Positive

  2. love your videos. any specific ones ud recommend for not chasing deer or wild animals? i live in the woods near a busy road…think ill buy a long lead

  3. please guys dont watch this horrible dog training
    FOOD TRAINING ENCOURAGES EXCITEMENT AND THAT CAN LEAD TO AGGRESSION and you are not your dogs owner you are simply a source of food this can be very dangerous if the dog is hungry

  4. Hi I guess that there are many people out there who would want to know about you,so can you make a video on introducing yourself.

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