How to Tread Water for Beginning Swimmers

How to Tread Water for Beginning Swimmers

This iSport Lessons video teaches swimmers how to tread water.



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  2. i went to a party at my moms work and i slipped under 8 feet (im only 4 foot 7)
    and my sister tried to help i was almost unconscious and then my mom jumped in (she was a lifeguard) and she grabbed me and my sister had to be taken out of the pool by a old man trying to help and he started drowning and a young lady saved my sister and the man im no terrified of swimming can somebody help me get over my fear? just thinking of the moment makes me panic i just want to swim again :(

  3. Important skill, swimming, I never had the money, and I have minor aquaphobia, I have a tough time keeping my cool when I'm surrounded by water. Never got swim lessons, as a result, never thought I'd need them, but as it turns out my girlfriend loves swimming. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make my life easier?

  4. Thank you guys in the comments for your encouraging remarks 😀 At least I know I will be failing for some time :DDD

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