How to Tree Climb (Ep.1/3) — set & retrieve climbing rope tutorial

How to Tree Climb (Ep.1/3) --- set & retrieve climbing rope tutorial

Episode 1 discusses throwline techniques, setting a climbing rope, retrieving a climbing rope, and different scenarios for rigging your climbing line. The techniques listed in this video were chosen based on the questions that I most frequently received on

Here is a direct link to the full (and free!) Earthlings documentary. I expect that most of you won’t make it past 30 minutes:

WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt anything seen in this video without the assistance of a professional instructor. I am not responsible for any injuries or death that occur from your attempts to tree climb or tree camp.


  1. Hey TREEfool!
    Been watching your videos for a while, I like the cut of your jib!
    You should mention the load multiplication on your TIP for a base anchor(x2), 100% of all SRT accidents happen in base anchors. You're influencing a lot of beginners, would be a shame if someone got hurt.
    Keep it up bro!

  2. fyi undo the knot end with the biker and unique tye the knot before pulling up the end. there are a couple reason but one is why u wear a helmet.

  3. Nice! I'm having trouble finding a throw line. All I can find is 3mm nylon rope at my hardware stores, which I have used several times, but I don't like it. Not slick, nor really strong. It has limited my tree choice thus far, I'll just try amazon. I'm weird, I find I'm way more accurate throwing one handed. Thank you for these! Also Earthlings is really good, I've already seen it.

  4. Quicklinks are great for pintching. They are smaller and harder to get cross-loaded than carabiners. Some of them can also take huge loads when cross loaded. You could also try out a delta link which should be impossible to cross load in any configuration.

  5. I Think i just decided to start with tree climbing, there is only one downside the gear is exspensive. Do you got Some tips for somewhone who is 16 with a limited in budget and time. I hope to start with tree climbing en later on start with rock clymbing . Thijs, the netherlands

  6. omg, i think that my testicles just exploded when i saw this in my subscription box. wow, im gonna get sum knowledge out of this :D

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