How to Use Beginner Lifts – Tips for Ski Holidays

How to Use Beginner Lifts - Tips for Ski Holidays
Ski holidays are great fun and if you are learning how to ski then you’ll need to know about ski lifts. This handy ski tip will teach you how to use Button and Chair lifts, two common lifts you’ll encounter on you next skiing holiday.

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  1. Oh thank you! This Friday, I'm going to Copper Mountain (One of the best resorts in Colorado). And these videos have really helped me progress!

  2. A great video- I leave in a couple of days for my first skiing holiday. One of the things I'm nervous about is the lift but this makes it look really simple. I'll be watching a few more times before I go!

  3. You should definitely mention getting the occasional lesson from the Ski School so those first lift rides result in a magical experience guided by an instructor/ski life coach verses the friend who says he can ski and just takes to the top and leaves you to fend for yourself. super dangerous, not fun. I'll take the guided tour so I don't develop too many bad habits and get a perspective on what I should be working on so I can be a stronger skier/snow boarder. 

  4. *rather both of the lifts shown are the free lifts.

    A good progression after a day or so on the latter lift shown is the Palafour (sic?) lift and anemone run on the opposite side of the valley

  5. I believe it's in Tignes- Lavachet- one of the free lifts you don't need the Tignes or Espace Killy passes for.


  6. Very nice explenations should be very clear to people.
    One little extra about opening the seatlift. Dot do this to early specially with little children. usually there is a sign on the last pole that you can open. Or a bar just under the arrival with red and greed LEDs. First you only see the red LEDs and when you get closer you will see the green ones this is the moment you should open them.

    another note. Why you not wearing a helmet? Since it is the safetystandard these days.

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