How To Use Jewellery To Tie Scarves – Quick Tips – Violet LeBeaux

How To Use Jewellery To Tie Scarves  - Quick Tips - Violet LeBeaux

This week I’ll show you how I use jewellery to wear my scarves in different ways.

Quick Tips is a new segment which is exactly what the name suggests. Some things are really useful to know but they don’t take long enough to make a full tutorial out of them… so time for some of Violet’s Quick Tips!




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Hey Besties!
This week’s quick tip is on how to keep silk scarves tied.
Scarf rings are surprisingly expensive. But you know what’s not expensive? Regular rings.
And you know what works pretty much as well as scarf rings? Regular rings!
You use them in the same way you would use regular scarf rings. Just find something cute and poke the ends through it.
Like so…
Taadaa! too cute
Now I’ve raided my jewellery collection looking for more options and there are so many!
Another multi purposing tip is to use stretchy bracelets. They’ll keep the scarf securely in place and you’re able to do heaps and heaps of different designs with them.
Too cute!
Now I’ thinking about what other jewellery I have that can be multipurposed into something like this too!
Hope you guys enjoyed the video, let me know if you give it a try and I’ll see you next time!
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