How to walk in heels

How to walk in heels

Learn how to walk in heels with these easy to follow steps! Feel confident walking in high heels, wedges, platforms and stilletos. The heels in this video are all available from These tips from Kassandra Brooks will have you strutting your stuff like a model in no time!


  1. As a heterosexual male, I find it hard to follow these instruction, especially when she talking with that black and white dress. My eyes are uncontrollably glued to her cleavage and there is nothing I can do.

  2. I havent used HIGH heels in yrs 🙁 I miss using them but theyre really no point using when gone shopping, especially when theres always gobblestone on the way to the shops. Im hoping I can make up some reason to use em again so Im watching how to walk vids even tho I know how to walk lol

  3. im 12 years old or should I say I start wearing those high heels when I was five I think or 7 and its pointed and now I can't do it anymore I wish I have a lot of heels so I can practice more and walk like a pro

  4. This is helpful. I know how to walk in heels I just need a better walk. I tend to "horse foot" a lot.

  5. I do not like stilettoes. I feel more stylish when i wear some boots or thicker heels. Stilettoes can also cause bone and nerve damage. Simply not worth it, I Think.

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