How to Waterproof Boots

How to Waterproof Boots

Regularly cleaning and reproofing your boots in the right way is essential to prolonging the life span of your footwear.
In this video we show you how to waterproof boots and care for Full Grain Leather Boots, Nubuck Leather, Suede and Fabric Boots.

Depending on how often you wear your boots, you don’t need to reprooof them regularly.

Use a leather boot conditioner to keep your boots supple but don’t use it too much as this can make the boots too soft and you need them to be supportive.

Only use a conditioner when you feel the leather is getting dry and cracked, not every time you wear them

Dubbing wax is designed specifically for smooth leather and can ruin the feel of Nubuck and Suede and can also stain. Instead use a specific Nubuck and Suede waterproof spray.

You can use a spray on proofer or aerosal to reproof fabric boots. With fabric boots you can reproof them when they’re wet although its harder to see where you’ve sprayed some people
believe the proofer sinks in better when damp.

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