How To Wear A Pashmina – 10 Stylist Suggestions

How To Wear A Pashmina - 10 Stylist Suggestions

How To Wear A Pashmina —

With a few simple styling techniques you can transform a pashmina from a piece of fabric to a head-turning accessory in only a matter of seconds.

In this video, Very Pashmina stylist Yanira Garza teaches some simple-to-follow ways you can tie or drape your pashmina to create eye-catching looks in an instant. So, follow along and you’ll master the art of pashmina styling in no time.

Have a specific occasion or outfit in mind? Yanira demonstrates several ways to wear a pashmina so you can choose a style to suit any mood or venue, from simple looks you can throw on as you’re dashing out of the house to spice up a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt, to more flamboyant styles that you can wear with an evening dress for that big night on the town.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated! Half the elegance of a pashmina is its simplicity – the drape of the fabric, the weave of the material, the quality of the edging and the feel of pure cashmere against your skin. With the right pashmina all you have to do is let it’s natural beauty shine through.

Really, that’s all it takes to look simply stunning with a pashmina.

To see Yanira’s complete guide to pashmina tying click on the link above!


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