How to Wear a Scarf Like a Stylist | Neiman Marcus

How to Wear a Scarf Like a Stylist | Neiman Marcus

Scarves are the ultimate fashion accessories! Want to be in style this summer? We show you how to tie a scarf in multiple ways. Different fabrics, colors and prints can help you determine the type of knot or wrap that is best suited for the scarf or shawl. Check out Neiman Marcus collection of designer scarves:

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This Neiman Marcus video is about different ways how to wear a scarf.


  1. big help. looked at a bunch of other videos. this is most creative. I can look beautiful in the awfulest tshirt ever.

  2. A couple of very poor edits in this, where the knotting or draping are cut off and you don't really see what she did with the scarf. Nice and artistic but if you can't see how she ties the scarf aren't you losing the whole point?

  3. great video. I remove the labels carefully on all my scarfs so they don't show as they did in a couple of the demos here would be my only added advise.

  4. Before seeing your video I thought wearing a scarf is very hard, because I don't have an idea about how to wear a scarf. But now after seeing your video, my thoughts are completely changed. Even now I'm learning to wear a scarf from your video. Good work.

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