How To Wear Crop Tops,Even if you’re not skinny!

How To Wear Crop Tops,Even if you're not skinny!

Today I give you tips on how to wear crop tops!

So what did you guys think?? Please make sure to leave me comments below and let me know if you liked this video and if it helped you out! Thanks for watching- Linds

My Crop Top-

My Skirt (similar)-

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  1. How to wear a crop top even if you are not skinny:
    Buy a crop top
    Put it on
    Then you are ready to go!
    And you are beautiful to btw!!

  2. You litteraly say that bigger girls cant wear a crop top, or that they can, but they have to cover up their curves and their "fat" parts. I think that is rediculous. Why cant curvy girls wear what they want?? That ideal, that girls have to be skinny, is rediculous, dont you think? Why do you "encourage" that dumb ideal?!

  3. Thank you so much for these tips! I go into the stores going how in the world am I gonna pull that off! Plus I am petite with no torso & big boobs (DD-DDD). Need to figure out ways to wear the cute shirts that you can't wear a normal bra. I watched that one video of yours,but I need more help. Haha. I need a personal shopper stylist! Keep up the great videos. I love your personality!! -Noelle

  4. I totally agree with some of the comments! Rock what you've got. However, for some of us girls, it's easier said than done. This was specifically tips for people who feel the need to cover up a bit. Please understand that.

  5. how to where crop tops :
    find a cute crop top
    find the right size
    buy it
    put it on
    don't give a f what anyone thinks bitch u sllaaayyy that crop top
    well done now show of your belly giirrrllll

  6. Can you please make a video about how skinny girls should wear their outfits especially the ones with short sleeves or sleeveless ones? Please.

  7. If you want to wear a croptop all you need is confidence girl life is too short try all things you want to if someone laugh at you just smile at them and nod. Who cares?

  8. After I had my baby it was really hard to lose weight. I used to be a size 12 in kids clothes. Now I'm a size 8 in women's (I'm from Australia) and I know I'm not 'fat' but I have a mum tummy, the skin is kind of loose and I just look flabby :/ I love crop tops but I have high waisted stuff. See my predicament!

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