How to Wear Denim Shirts 5 Ways – 5 Summer Looks for Guys!

How to Wear Denim Shirts 5 Ways - 5 Summer Looks for Guys!

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  1. Tmr im going on a shopping spree because I need a new wardrobe so this video helped a lot when deciding if I wanted to get a denim shirt or not

  2. Great vid Jose'. I followed the link and those shirts start at $89/piece and go up to $105. Even with 15% off, that's way more than I'm willing to pay for a denim shirt.

  3. yo Jose, I have one denim shirt I love to wear but I'm not sure on how to wash it. I've done the dry cleaners once and it came out alright. Is this the best way to wash denim shirts?

  4. So.. on a different note how do you travel abroad…… i couldn't find a video on travelling abroad. i usually travel with just a back pack, but every time i go to Europe or japan i feel like a cracker ass boy from the trailer park with no style. what would you recommend for travel (just got back from japan) felt dumb.

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