How to Wear Pantyhose With Strappy Sandals : Dress Your Best

How to Wear Pantyhose With Strappy Sandals : Dress Your Best

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Wearing pantyhose with strappy sandals is something you have to do in a very specific way. Find out how to wear pantyhose with strappy sandals with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jana Coke
Filmmaker: Blyth Kemp

Series Description: It’s always important to dress your best, no matter how young or old you may be, or what profession you may be a part of. Get tips on how to dress your best for a wide variety of different occasions with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video series.


  1. Bare legs are useless IMHO. I know we women can be lemmings to the fashion nazis, but hose finish the look. It makes no sense to polish toes and fingers, do out makeup, fix our hair, and then leave our legs bare. Breaks up a finished look. So ladies, let's unite! Hose make us look prettier. Wear 'em if you want to.

  2. women in pantyhose  r way sexier then women that don`t wear them! but that just me I won`t date a woman unless shes wearing some cause it least she cares on how she looks, most women just put on jeans with boots or flip flops or spandex with flip flops&they go out like that very unsexy women r today!! sad!!

  3. who said it wasn`t kool to wear ope toe higheels with pantyhose, it sexy&it used to wore all the time in  the 70`s 80`s&mid 90`s barelegs sux anyway &very unsexy  pantyhose give highheels that sexy look hands down all women think bare legs look sexy with heels not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it boring !!&unprofessional  in the work place &gross as well it like wearing no tie or socks with ur 3 pc suite crazy women! pantyhose4life!

  4. being bare legs with highheels is boring&unsexy pantyhose4life!!! pantyhose look good with high heels sandles who told u it wasn`t koll to not wear pantyhose with open toe sandle highheels back in the 70`s-80`s&mid 90`s women wore pantyhose with  open toe sandles high heels there`s nothing  wrong with it ur just close minded&follow the cue`s to who ever told u it wasn`t kool!!

  5. Pantyhose should never ever be worn with open toed shoes. Ever! Doesn't matter what kind, what shade, sheer toe…whatever. It's always tacky and a major fashion faux pau. 

  6. Regardless what some of the "so called" fashion experts say, pantyhose with sandals ALWAYS looks great on women!
    Bare legs don't look as nice, & some women just don't have the legs to pull it off!
    Footless or toeless pantyhose don't look as nice as regular pantyhose!
    Hopefully women in the US will start wearing pantyhose more, the bare leg look has been going on far too long, & it doesn't look professional, or sexy! 

  7. First of all, what is wrong with wearing pantyhose and open toe heels? I still think it is an elegant and sophisticated look. Even some celebrities wear pantyhose with open toe heels at various events. To me, the so-called no pantyhose/open toe shoes rule is just a myth made up from the fashionistas after seeing Carrie Bradshaw wear open toe Jimmy Choo and Manalo heels as a year round fashion staple. If people don't like seeing women wearing pantyhose with open toe heels, that is their opinion.

  8. OMG. You cannot EVER, ever, ever wear pantyhose with open toe sandals. The only pantyhose that are acceptable in 2013 are tights, or something uber thin with going out, either super thick or super thin, and NEVER skin tone. Stacy and Clinton help!

  9. You wear them like these girls in this video and many more like them.
    "Flip Flops Worn with Nylons"
    "Shiny Legs in Nylon Stokings"
    "Black stocking walking on public. Krasnodar."
    Enjoy these videos.

  10. But you don't have that mentality everywhere. You should see some Russian guys making candid vidoes of streets of their cities here. Nothing but heels and pantyhose all over. Sandals and pantyhose too.

  11. That was great, I wish more women would reject the fashionazi mentality that sets "rules" that make no sense. It was a great look, very feminine and sexy, nicely done!

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