how to wear skirts and dresses in the winter

how to wear skirts and dresses in the winter

lately, as autumn crawls his way into our towns, i’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to wear dresses and skirts in the winter. so i thought i’d make a little video to show you how i would do it! i hope it was somewhat an answer to your questions!

lovely music is by Josh Pyke- middle of the hill

music by Josh Pyke – middle of the hill


  1. When I was looking at your photos I Imagined your voice will be some deep-sexy-mysterious-dark-I don't know what else-shit and now the difference is so great I'm shocked. Wow. You're too cute to be true

  2. the 1st outfit is nice i love the skirt
    the 2nd outfit is awesome i love the tights
    the 3rd outfit is a very beautiful dress i love it
    the 4th outfit is really good i love the tights with the socks over them, its a great look
    the 5th outfit is really nice i love the skirt, its really cute
    i like the 6th outfit the tights go really well and i like what u did with ur hair looks great
    and the last was amazing, i love ur dress u looked very beautiful with the tights too its a great match

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