How to wear / style a maxi skirt (guide for petite under 5′) (5 outfits)

How to wear / style a maxi skirt (guide for petite under 5') (5 outfits)

In this video is how I style a maxi skirt and how I view about putting accessorize for an outfit. It is purely my personal point of view. And I apologize if some of my explanation does not make sense to you. I am new at this and sometimes it is not easy to put into words what you have in your mind.

The video is just to give you ideas. You don’t have to like it. Fashion is subjective and everyone is not the same. So have fun and be creative.

Thank you very much for watching.





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  1. Awesome advice! Very helpful! If any of you are interested in a MAXI SKIRT OOTD, please check out our channel! Have a good day :D

  2. I love maxi dresses/skirts, I'm 5'1/5'2 ish but have a 32DD cup.. So most tops look a bit slutty for my taste.. Non the less, I loved your vid!! 

  3. i am 5 ft…does it look good on person of my height? and what about the shoes with these skirts? as for your style.. i really think its perfect.. thanks

  4. Thanks 🙂 Don't forget the heels. With maxi skirts, high heels/wedges do come and save the day 😀

  5. some of them do and some don't. For the purpose of making the videos and because I don't own the skirts, I use paper clip(s) at the back.

  6. Hey thanks so much for the ideas! I'm really short so it's always great to see videos like this! Kristina's really tall so she wears these no problem but sometimes it can be difficult for for us shorties!
    -Veronica and Kristina from HerLaughterSings

  7. Thank you, this was awesome!! I love that you actually wore the dresses and showed every step. So I could actually see what the outfit looks like without the accessory, and with the accessory, and what difference it makes. Please do more fashion tips!!

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