How To Write A Stand-up Comedy Routine

How To Write A Stand-up Comedy Routine

How to write a stand-up comedy routine that will get big laughs? Before you make a move, check out the 5 free lessons at

As revealed in the video, there’s more involved with knowing how to write a stand-up comedy routine that actually generates laughs than simply writing words and sentences on paper and expecting them to get the results you want.

Unfortunately, the minute an individual makes the decision to become a comedian, they automatically assume that they must figure out how to write a stand-up comedy routine in the literal sense — much like trying to write a book report or a short story.

Subsequently, new comedians end up focusing only on the words and sentences as they “read” on paper as opposed to incorporating all the aspects of their delivery and expression of what they want to say, which is where most of a comedian’s laughter generation power comes from.

When it comes to knowing how to write a stand-up comedy routine that works, it’s really not about writing in the literal sense. It’s about knowing how to structure what an individual wants to say and express to an audience in order to generate 4-6+ laughs per minute on stage.

In other words, if you want to know how to write a stand-up comedy routine the hard way, simply work with only words and sentences and ignore the rest of the attributes that make you funny in the first place.


  1. thanks for this! 🙂 i feel like this a great breakdown of the anatomy that makes up any great stand-up act.

    so, you still have to write out material, but you need to make it sound spontaneous. and yes, you need to deliver what you write with the right voice, the right facial expression, and the right body language and gestures. it still starts with observing the world and hunting for what you think is funny. then comes the writing. the most important thing he said is really knowing your style and your voice, inside and out. just really studying attributes, your speaking patterns and styles in casual conversation, and how you uniquely generate laughter on the spot with friends, etc. i like that last bit of advice. i'm going to see the same comedy act twice. cool idea. :)

  2. I came up with a quote that's probably been said before but I think it's not what you say its what you don't say. Look at Louie ck, bill burr, birbiglia. Most all their jokes are funny. A lot of people watch comedy specials in groups and having to awkwardly sit through bad jokes can ruin all the good ones anyone agree? 

  3. Great insight I am stepping out on my comedy career entertainment so I am open to new I deals in new martial .

  4. Steve, you're a 100% correct.  I'm a comedian and for 25 years I've done a lot of the very same things that you are talking about.

  5. The whole, going to see the same comedian 2 nights in a row is totally true. I saw Michael J Dolan, a British comedian in Preston and I saw him accidentally 2 nights in a row (with other comedians supporting) and there was certain bits which I thought were improvised, when it actually fact, it was written to sound like that.

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