How to Write Stand-up Comedy: the Basics

How to Write Stand-up Comedy: the Basics

If you’ve always wanted to try stand-up but wondered about how to write a set, here’s some basics of how to write stand-up comedy.

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Hi! If you’re new, this is me and this is my channel. I’m a comedian/writer/actor who would like to fill you in on what I’ve learned so far (like in life). Hopefully it’s enjoyable.

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  1. All good stuff, only thing I felt like was kinda a cop out was when you say "how do you make it funny" and just said to do it in front of people and didn't give other suggestions on making punchlines funny. Do a little homework and comb through some material to see if you can categorize the shiny bows comics are putting on their premises to successfully garner laughter. THE PEOPLE NEED ANSWERS BRUH!

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