How We Save Money to Travel

How We Save Money to Travel

We get this question all the time and FINALLY we’re responding where we actually work to pay the bills while traveling!
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HOW TO Travel Light | Packing Essentials | ANN LE

Many of you have been asking about a packing video and what I pack when I pack light for a vacation, road trip, weekend trip or an overnighter.

One of the biggest problems when I travel, especially by airplane is drying out my skin. That recycled air is terrible on your face and body. I like using the Olay sensitive body wash as it’s soap free and dye free. Less chemicals = happier skin.

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We collaborated with our friends at Olay for this video. Thanks guys!


  1. My boyfriend and I bought a house it was a fixer upper but still livable you know? It's adorable and super cheap. We now save like $500 (between the both of us) on our monthly expenses and will have it paid off in a couple years because we pay higher than the lowest payment. So I know buying a house isn't for everyone but it also doesn't have to be a "death sentence" like is said in the video! 🙂 Just thought I'd share my point of view. I love y'all's videos! <3

  2. currently work at a daycare and i'm thinking about being an au pair (in france) in the second half of summer!

  3. The job of my Dreams is to become an actor, an also youtuber, but I don't even have a Channel yet, I am from Brazil and here we don't have as much options for people with artistic dreams as I want haha but I'll hopefully move to USA and I'll meet you guys there!!

  4. You guys put a smile on my face! I just found you! My new friends! Hey, I would love to see what kind of packs you suggest and use on your travels…

  5. Being a traveler comes with challenges. Employers don't like people that travel. They will not hire u if you're just gonna be there until you get your travel money. They don't want you because you are not going to be a work slave for them. They don't care about you. All they care about is that you work like a dog and make them rich. Even if I don't travel I can never spend more than a year in one job. I sell jewelry online but I still seek out jobs to get money for travel because when I travel I like to go shopping so having extra money for my trip is always nice.

  6. How much money (dollars) did you guys spent around Europe? Including travel expenses, food, and a bed to sleep in? I'm planning a trip this summer and need all the tips I need! I know that I can watch all your past videos but hell with it. To be quite honest you guys made me want to travel, And I really can't wait to experience to be lost and find some amazing places. Thank you for this great experience! Can't wait for new content! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  7. omg omg omg I did the same. i said nothing about my travel plans and got the job and resigned in 3 months… i feel like crap.. but not so bad since I got the money I needed to travel hahahahahahahha

  8. You guys are so different from most of other Youtubers, I mean in a good way:there are no "DIY", "morning/night routine", "spring/winter/holiday haul", "what I got for Christmas", "Fitness routine" and all these kinds of videos, uhh… I found your channel a few days ago and I loved it straight away and then I wondered why. Then I found the answer:BECAUSE YOU DON'T DO THOSE KINDS OF VIDEOS THAT I listed above and that every other Youtuber does! They are just getting boring. your videos are SIMPLE, creative and hilarious. Thanks for that! Love y'all!

  9. I'm french, and I really want to do something like Damon, like teach french in a foreign country! In my school, we have conversation in English and we have 2 teachers: a Swedish guy and a guy from Czech Republic ! they both are 26 years old and speak with us English, they're gaining money and they're also playing in the hockey team of our region! I want to do something like this soooo much

  10. Hi! I just found this channel and I'm hooked with you guys! I absolutely love your videos and how informative and cheerful they are. Replying to the question you made at the end of the video, I'm currently in my senior year of Film School and even though acting is my passion my dream job would be to make money for making documentaries about traveling, this is probably why I'm so in love with your channel, hahah. One question for you now, when did you two decide to take the first step into this journey, and what was the first country you visited? Wish you guys the best!

  11. Im going to Italy, Paris, And England! In June its a big step for me because I've never been out of California

  12. in August me and my family are driving from Michigan to Georgia to Florida, going to Disney world, and then Tennessee and back!

  13. Those certain people that for like a month you just keep watching their videos but don't subscribe yet because you're not sure if you want to.

  14. So, you're allowed to put your liquids and stuff in bags like those? sorry, I was just always told they had to go in quart sized baggies but if that isn't true I'd love to know! ❤

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