1. Hi mine adaptor work fine for 3-4 hours.After that adaptor gives 19 volt for 9 seconds and stops givinig for 5 seconds after 3-4 hours of using (heating) , i dont know what is issue. have you got any idea ?

  2. Okay here is the thing, my HP adapter ( ppp012a-s) is not 100% dead, it still gives out some volts but not enough to power the laptop on(the LED keep on bleeping), it kinda goes on and off at a fast pace (don't know the word to explain it) so I checked everything from the connector/header and the cable and this is still the same so I thought to open it up and it is kinda hard to know what is wrong with it. One other thing is the rectifier you have shown on the vid is not inside of my adapter, there is a blue thing in-cased in a black lead kind thing in the exact same place, so here is what I am asking, your case the adapter was dead but mine is not, the rectifiers are not looking the same so what should I do? That would be really kind of you to help me out of this jam.

    P.S I tested with a DELL adapter (19.5V 5+A while mine is 19V 4.34 A and the laptop worked just fine but the extra V is not a good thing and I dont have that Dell adapter forever)

  3. addiengr1 Hi, how do you know it is the rectifier that is bad? How do you test it on board? Thank you for your very nice video!

  4. mine is doing the same no volts , i check wiring itlooks good, how do i make sure it is the rectifier that is causing the problem?

  5. @ addiengr1
    kalau carger ga mati tapi lemah , ga uat hidupin lepi.kalaupun kuat buka windows,tp cm sebentar lepi langsung mati. apa yg diganti sama seperti di video ?

  6. Chager is not working after changing rectifier or any other things.. soldered other points also ..bt no result… 

  7. I replaced the rectifier bt still the charger is not charging … In fact i also checked with a tester at the terminal current is flowing properly bt its not charging my laptop… Wat can b possible solution thn ? Plz help 

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