Hunter Judge – Equitation Comments

Hunter Judge - Equitation Comments

Sr. Hunter Judge gives some tips on how to improve your hunter equitation. Learn what the judge is looking for and how to improve your riding postion.


  1. Thank you for your comment. These comments are general review of the correct riding position when learning to go over fences. If you have a couple of pictures you would like to send, please do. then you can have your own rider review.

    These reviews are helpful for riders who would like personalized summary of their position.
    Thank you and best of luck with your IEA team.

  2. @resurrectionKT thank you for your comments! i appreciate that you took the time to comment on this!
    Sorry i didn't see this sooner!|

  3. @hunthorserider11 thanks for your comments… practicing over smaller fences to develop a base is always good.

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