Hunting Rabbits and How To Cook Rabbit Skewers!

Hunting Rabbits and How To Cook Rabbit Skewers!

From hunting in the field to food on the fork, Cai Ap Bryn takes you through how to cook Rabbit Skewers and provides tips on how to perfect your wild game recipe dishes.

Our very own Keith Anderson and Steve ‘Wildy’ Wild were recently called to a local farm which was being ravaged by rampaging rabbits.

When the population of these pesky bunnies get out of control, farmland and crops are destroyed and rabbit holes create easy access for foxes. So who are we to turn down some rabbit shooting and even better fill up on some delicious rabbit skewers at the end of the day? Job well done!

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  1. This is definitely an important part of hunting. I can't tell you how many people do not eat the game they take. They truly don't know what they are missing! 

  2. In my city we cannot shoot the rabbits but I can trap them.   Even if I catch a squirrel its going to be dinner. 

  3. Good stuff boys , how long would you leave the rabbits after they were shot before ready for the pan , yum yum .? Thanks Mick Ireland 

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