Inside My Shapewear Drawer + How To Buy Spanx That Fit!

Inside My Shapewear Drawer + How To Buy Spanx That Fit!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I REALLY need to purchase the shape wear. It will give me more motivation to lose the weight in certain areas!! lol

  2. thanks for the video!
    I would like to see a tutorial on how to alter patterns / how to fix sway back problems . There is nothing more frustrating then to finish a garment just to find out there is a bunch of fabric bunched up above your butt/lower back. I made your off the shoulder dress and can't wear it now because of this 🙁
    please help, alot if us have this problem

  3. I have a belly and that's where my weight goes to and back. I need good control. I bought spanx based on this review skintistic I believe and it really was not the control I needed. I needed more control. Can you help?

  4. Shapewear (at least the leg-y ones) are also sooooo great for the chub-rub on the thighs. That's the majority of why I wear them.

  5. How ironic I was looking for a video like this 2 days ago n get on today and here's a great one! Thanks

  6. Doesn't the ones from Target come in a box? I never buy them because the location near me doesn't allow you to open the package to try them on. Thanks for this video.

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