Intermediate Ski Lesson #3.1 – Introduction to Skiing Parallel

Intermediate Ski Lesson #3.1 - Introduction to Skiing Parallel

In this first how to ski lesson of the Ski School Intermediate series, Ski Instructor Darren Turner introduces Parallel turns and explains the first steps to learning how to ski them. The next lesson will go on to the clutch / accelerator exercise, the next step on your path to being a confident parallel skier.

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Watch out for the rest of the Intermediate series, download the apps, and remember for your safety that they are a supplement, not a replacement to on-slope tuition with a qualified ski instructor. If this skiing lesson is too basic for you, check out the Advanced apps and YouTube series, if it’s still a little bit beyond you, try the Beginners series and Apps.

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  1. I'm a rather large guy, 6'1 280 lbs and I've gone skiing like 5 times. The problem I keep having is about halfway down the hill I start moving way too fast to the point that I'm just zooming straight down the hill. What would be your best suggestion to help with this and get more under control?

  2. I just skied twice, my second being today! I got down a very hard green run with my Mom! It was awesome. And the only way I succeeded was because of you. Thanks so much!

  3. So, Elate Media, looking for any advice.

    I didn't start skiing until age 42 and been doing it 4 years now. It took me 2 years to get off bunny slope. I can do green runs just fine and blues as long as it's in short bursts, supposedly. The places I ski are in and near Anchorage, Alaska and are nothing compared to Alyeska south of Anchorage.

    The places I want to go are the top of a mountain and blue runs at most gentle. If I can't do perfect parallels at relatively high speed, which I can't, should I avoid them until then? Afraid if I do decide to try them then I'll be walking or skidding my way down them. 

  4. Thanks for the lessons! Makes Skiing look easy, about to find out for the first time tomorrow, hope to come back in one piece! Again great videos!!

  5. Hey! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Avalorexon Training Program (search on google), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this ski program called Avalorexon Training Program? I've heard several incredible things about it.

  6. Thank you on great ski lessons. Can you recommend me some ski resorts for beginners that have easy slopes on which I can practice skiing somewhere in central Europe (Slovenia or Austria or Italy).

  7. Sounds like you did really well but you are exactly right, spend a little bit more time on the easier slopes and make it second nature, glad you found the films useful.

  8. Went skiing for the first time yesterday and within a few runs was really starting to feel comfortable with skiing parrallel, on the easy slopes at least. Felt intimidated on some of the steeper sections though and the technique quickly went out the window. Just need to practice a bit more on the easier slopes I suppose. Watching your videos before we went definitely made the day a success though. Thanks!

  9. It's hard to say without seeing you but there is a chance you are more intimidated on steeper slopes, you are maybe trying to lean in to turn? Stay confident and commit to the lower ski.

  10. It sounds like you picked it up very quickly, don't worry about the kids you will just have to get used to it they don't think and they are completely fearless.

  11. Went skeeing my first time yesterday, had only been going snowboard before. Took me whole 4 hours to learn how to parallel decently, so frustrating seeing 4 year old kids being 100 times as good as you swishing by making faces

  12. Snow blades are extremely unstable at speed, if you look at the size of a slalom ski compared to a downhill ski you will see the slalom ski is much smaller. The faster you ski the more stable a longer ski will be.

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