Intermediate Ski Lessons – Keeping Skis Parallel

Intermediate Ski Lessons - Keeping Skis Parallel

Are you skiing parallel but still having to do a quick step during your turns? Learn to ski the right way. In this ski lesson Darren Turner, presenter of the Ski School series of Apps talks about what he calls the “Two Step”, explains that it’s a bad habit, not a ski technique, why it happens and how to avoid it in your parallel turns when skiing.

This is one of many lessons featured in the Ski School Intermediate iPhone app.

The Ski School series of Apps offer ski technique lessons in a format that you can take wherever you go.


  1. Super helpful because we decided to go on a ski trip and the first day was terrible I fell many times I skiied before but I forgot how to. But these were some of the most helpful tips. I used snowplow the most.

  2. Thanks for making these vids as I'm going to Italy on a skiing trip with school next year and I don't know how to ski so I've been watch your beginner videos

  3. Great video thanks I was doing this one two without even realizing . Your videos really help improve my skiing , Thanks so much

  4. Looking forward to getting back on the slopes after a year! will need to keep my turns tidy as shown in the video. Out of interest, where are these lessons filmed?

  5. G'day from Australia   getting ready to head up to Falls Creek soon….mate your lessons are magnificent…….easy to understand and comprehend….keeping the lessons simple …the brake and clutch analogy etc works for me…..I'll keep watching your you tube lessons    thanks heaps Rick

  6. Excellent.. I know you mention it in other videos, bit it's important to let the skis flatten out between turns, which is what you are doing here.

  7. Wow – the one two he describes is exactly what I have been doing  – and getting away with it on Black Diamonds!  However, on greens, I am can't do any better than my kids, who only do greens.  Plus the one two wears my legs out so fast.  I can't wait to try this subtle but amazing change next week in Colorado.

  8. Similar to Timothy – this is exactly what I do now.  I am growing quickly as a skier, but I need to perfect this.  Is the weight shift key to eliminating the two step?  In other words, it looks like as you go into a turn, you are lifting up slightly, shifting your weight subtly against the direction you are going and then making the turn?  I think the two step is done to get the skies around.  Between your subtle weight shift and foot position changes, you are getting the skies turned around.  Finally – your note on terrain and fatigue is spot on.  When that happens, I go right to the two step.  Thanks so much for this.  Exceptional work here!

  9. "Practice makes Permanent". Man I wish I'd thought of that. I'm going to steal it though; and may I add my thanks to you and your cameraman for making such a great and easy to follow series. I am currently sat at home on my sofa resting after a week in Andorra…I wish I'd spotted your videos a week before I went. Working towards Alpine Ski Leader and beyond…knees permitting. These will be of great help not only to myself but also when offering up tips to others.

  10. So that's the catch! Although I haven't been pushing the rear end of my upper ski like that at the begining of the turn  (it slided nicely), I have been putting all the weight on it to make the turn while LIFTING the lower (turning into the upper) ski and turning it in the air in order to make it parrallel.
    So, instead of taking the weight off that ski, I shoud do the opposite and put the pressure on it (making it turn)? 

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