Jaktogo. How to beat the luggage restriction rules !!!! How deal with new airline baggage rules.

Jaktogo.  How to beat the luggage restriction rules !!!! How deal with new airline baggage rules.

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hand luggage / baggage on airlines, how to take as many kilos as you wish without having to pay on budget airlines.
Ryan Air / Easy Jet refuse to advertise in their on board magazine.
We’re beating all budget airlines new baggage / luggage fees.
How to pack a Jaktogo.
All budget airlines refused to advertise Jaktogo. Low cost airlines refuse to advertise Jaktogo.


  1. Great! You hacked the system and they just had no arguments to argue about it. I hate those low cost airlines that charge you huge amounts for a small bag. Thanks for posting the video. I will buy one of those.

  2. problem with this theory is that they do not weigh passengers before they go on a flight. They estimate a weight of a person if they are an adult or not and what their gender is which is not an accurate measurement of the weights of the entire hold.

  3. The idea may be great for the passenger mind but it's definitely not for its security! Every kilo that is not represented on the cargo manifest and that by company standards isn't expected to be on board, may alter the aircraft's known weight and center of gravity. When the pilots insert wrong weight/CG info on the flight computers and make calculations for a weight different than the real one on board, it may have catastrofic consequences, especially if you have 200 jaktogos on board!

  4. Costs 110 USD + postage. This means you'll have to fly at least 4 times with RyanAir to make some money out of this investment. Sound a bit like a rip-off to me. No better then RyanAir itself 😉

  5. on the one hand it is great for holding stuff as a bag, on the other hand if you are forced to wear it you are now encroaching on other passengers seating area. I mean I am a pretty skinny guy. I am sure if I wore that bag as a coat I would be quite large and my 'coat' would overlap past my seating area into the isle or other seats making it a pain for other passengers.

  6. ok me thinking bitch this ain't no bag it's my coat *flips them off takes it off on plane bitch i just avoided your stupid fees

  7. You may want to rethink this as your advertising video. All I thought of was gee, another way to be hassled by the TSA when boarding.

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