Jamie Oliver’s tips for cooking great pasta

Jamie Oliver's tips for cooking great pasta

How to cook great pasta. Video taken from Jamie’s app www.jamieshomecookingskills.com


  1. I would gently push down the Spaghetti as the lower part softens. Leaving one part up and one in the water will make it cooked uneven. And spaghetti are ready quiet fast compared to bigger kinds of pasta.

  2. I follow an intuitive advice I found somewhere for the ratio.
    The golden rule : 1000-100-10
    1000 ml water – 100 grams pasta – 10 grams salt
    So for 3 people just multiply by 3

  3. นางเป็นเก้งกวางหรือเปล่าน่า? สงสัยจุงเบย

  4. Just so here's no misinformation, the salt is only for favor; yes the solution will have a higher boiling point that just water but its so minimal, it will have almost no appreciable effect on the time it takes to cook

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