Jump Rope Workout to Lose Weight

Jump Rope Workout to Lose Weight

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Want to lose weight fast? Try Jumping Rope

When you adopt a Jump Rope workout to Lose Weight you lose weight without breaking the bank. With money being tight in today’s economy and health clubs being so expensive and overcrowded, it’s reassuring to know there are fitness alternatives that won’t break the bank or swallow up too much of your time. One inexpensive and effective way to workout is by jumping rope. You want to lose weight fast? Here are some of the many health benefits of jump roping:

It burns major calories:

Once you’re competent enough to jump rope at a reasonable pace, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour. Of course, the faster you jump the more calories. The key is to start out slowly and build up to a faster pace as you become more conditioned. Start off with a twenty minute session and gradually work your way up to a thirty minute session. You can also alternate rope jumping with short periods of resistance exercise using hand weights for an even more effective workout. Spend five minutes rope jumping followed by five minutes of strength training with hand weights. Alternate between the two exercises for thirty minutes and you’ll get a workout that will not only tone your muscles but keep your metabolism elevated for hours after you finish.

It requires minimal equipment and space:

One of the major benefits of jump roping has inexpensive it is. You can purchase an inexpensive jump rope for under .00 that will get the job done. Although you can buy more expensive jump ropes including weighted and speed ropes, these aren’t necessary, particularly in the beginning. Avoid heavier ropes and weighted ropes until you become more proficient at jumping rope. A light-weight rope with plastic beads will be easier to work with if you’re just starting out. Avoid cloth jump ropes which are difficult to break in and won’t last as long.

You can do it anywhere:

When you want to lose weight fast. You need something you can do anytime or anywhere. One big advantage of rope jumping is its portability. When you go on vacation, toss your workout shoes and jump rope into the suitcase and you’re ready to workout anywhere you go. On a beautiful day, jump rope outside or even take your jump rope to the park for a pleasant diversion. It’s a great alternative to a space hogging treadmill or elliptical machine and you get a superior workout. Plus, you can jump rope whenever the mood strikes. No need to get in the car and drive to a gym and then wait in line for exercise equipment.

It’ll make you more agile:

Not only does rope jumping burn calories and fat, it also tones the cardiovascular system and builds agility, coordination and endurance. Even though the first few days of jumping rope can be a challenge especially if you haven’t done it since childhood, you’ll be amazed at how much more agile you’ll become if you stick with it. Once you master the art of rope jumping, no one will ever call you a klutz again.

You want to lose weight fast, but the lack of time or money to join a gym is stopping you. Just head down to your local sporting goods store and pick up a jump rope. You’ll quickly find out how fun and effective this workout can be.

I’ve personalize jump rope workout to lose weight for many individuals out there.


  1. i used weighted rope and the result was amazing. in 30 minutes (of course not straight) i barely could move my hands. it's so tough.

  2. Ok…. I'm 51% convince that jumping rope is better than jogging. But can anyone give me any tips like a pattern I can fallow for loosing weight and gaining all around muscles please….. I wanna get rid of this fat belly……hahahaha

  3. When I was a kid, neighborhood girls user to double dutch with 2 ropes and stayed skinny. You rarely see this anymore with tech tools like cell phones taking up their time now.

  4. Focus more on increasing time than increasing jumps. You will see better results with weight loss doing that 🙂

  5. Hi i have started jumping rope since yesterday. And doing 200-300 jumps. Im now 60kg and my height is 164. If i do it everyday about 500 jumps how many kg ill loose in 2 weeks?

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