Keeping Your Rabbit Warm During Winter | RosieBunneh

Keeping Your Rabbit Warm During Winter | RosieBunneh

Today’s video features tips in keeping your rabbit warm during the Winter months. Enjoy! x








  1. I want to get a bunny. But because of my mum's allergies it would have to be an outdoor bunny. My main worry about this is that I'm worried he or she might get lonely. How can I prevent that? Also keeping him or her warm because I live in Maine. Pease any advice if so needed!

  2. If I put a warm piece of blanket/warm material in my bunnies hutch as bedding, would they eat the material and is it safe? Can someone let me know? Thx!

  3. Do you know how to stop your rabbits from biting you? If I don't give her what she wants she will bite me.. I put her back in the cage and tell her no after she does that. It doesn't seem to be making a difference.

  4. Hi! Please can you do a video on how to keep your rabbit cool I'm the summer? Be uses also my bunny looks bored all the time! Any toy suggestion Ma I could buy/make? X

  5. If you don't mind me asking but where did you get your outside hutch? And how big is it? I'm looking for  a new one as my rabbits have chewed the door of the hutch they have now and don't want them getting out. Also their on  isn't raised of the ground and where I live it rains quite a lot xoxo

  6. I rather have a waterbowl during winter. The nipple of the waterbottle freezes really fast even if the bottle is insulated. A bowl takes more time to freeze and the bunnies can lick on the ice if needed. (Of course the should have fresh water at least two times a day anyway). 

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