Kyrie Irving Bait Crossover: NBA Basketball Moves

Kyrie Irving Bait Crossover: NBA Basketball Moves (FREE WORKOUT)

Kyrie Irving is one of the best ball handlers the NBA has ever seen. He is a master at using different crossover moves to torch the defense. Kyrie is a human highlight reel and a top 10 just waiting to happen. So today we wanted to teach you his signature Bait Crossover that he uses to beat the second line in the defense.

This move can a a for sure ankle breaker and one the many of the elite scorers in the NBA use to get big time results. Guys like Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, and Kevin Durant all use variations of this move to get easy looks and break ankles.

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  1. hey coach, I know he hasn't been doing so well in a few games but can you do Anthony morrow? He has that lightning quick release!

    Also, I used to be good at shooting but for some reason I started missing to the side more! Any tips? My dad said that my guide hand is interfering with my shot, but when I release the guide hand , it gives me a hitch shot.

  2. coach Collin can you do about kirie ivring finishing at the rim please. thx so much coach keep up the good work. :)

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