Laptop DC Jack Test and Repair

Laptop DC Jack Test and Repair

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This is a repair on a dc power jack

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  1. Awsome video! I have a problem whith my laptop regarding bad jack dc. I first noticed the problem when my power adapter started to heat up at an alarming level and after that my battery started to die on me, it charges now about 15-20% of it's original value. I have a HP DV7 1095oe and am thinking of getting a dc power jack socket plug on ebay to fix this. Is it worth it?


  2. my charging plugs gets really hot and does not charge my ASUS N53S laptop when laptop is on, It charges the laptop when power is off. I used different chargers and it does the same. Is it the circuit board that is bad?

  3. Your thumbnail is deceiving, it shows a picture of a DC jack in the motherboard but in the video you deal with an external jack.

  4. Good glad you got it sorted,sometimes you have to apply a bit of solder to help it get the heat into the joint.thanks for watching.

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