Laptop DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement

How to determine if your DC Jack is bad on your laptop, here is a quick video that may help you save a lot of money – up to 0.00 if a computer repair shop is trying to gouge you in a hi repair bill to fix your notebook pc.

Some Repair shops will just say it needs a new motherboard and those are the ones you may need to worry about.

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Over 1000’s DC Jacks Replaced!


  1. Hey I need help with mine. Couldn't I replace the entire power jack assembly since it just plugs in with a clip into the laptop? 

  2. Hi Will, i replaced the dc jack on my toshiba c655 . i now have power, but i only get a white screen when i power up. any suggestions

  3. Can you send pictures or video, where is the FUSE on latop HP CQ61, on mainboard, it is not near to the jack i guess is nothing there, please picture the fuse of HP CQ61 – picture of is fuse on board please.


  4. ok well question 2 how many days/weeks will i get my computer back if i send it in. i first got to get a job before i can order.

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