Laptop Jack Repair

Laptop Jack Repair

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Video I made on How To Repair A DC Jack In A Laptop..Step by step guide.

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  1. I spilt Pepsi on the table and it went under my laptop then before I knew it my daughter tilted it up after we got it up and then all it does is say no signal since the lcd screen is cracked we use a extra screen until we get the repair do you have any ideas I am good at electronics I have it apart and I can seen everything

  2. the dc jack on my samsung np 300 e7a-04  wont even solder.  it's like they nailed it on to the motherboard.  I used a 30w soldering device but it didn't even budge. Does some1 know what I'm doing wrong?

  3. This video kinda useless since you did not show how to desolder. Soldering DC is easy but desoldering is the real complicated step.

  4. I am a retired Electronics Tech, the only helpful comment I might give is to put the solder down first.  It is very inefficient conduction of heat from solder iron without the solder first.

  5. I'm having a hard time finding a DC jack like the one you have.  That's the same one in my HP Pavilion DV 5500.  If you could let me know where to get one or part number that would be greatly appreciated.

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