Laptop repair videos – Power Problems Gateway Laptop

Laptop repair videos - Power Problems Gateway Laptop

Laptop repair videos – Power Problems Gateway Laptop


  1. Post Note: I found it! On the notebook the very thin keyboard has to come off first. It has plastic fixed lugs at the bottom (where the space bar is) and little almost invisible spring loaded cams along the top. They look like little semicircles popping out from the case along the top of the keyboard edge, and you just push them back a little with a thin blade or screw driver with a thin blade, and the keyboard pops up from the top edge, and then lifts out of the lugs that hold the bottom edge.

    Then you can see the screws that hold the bottom plate of the notebook on, marked "door".

    Thanks again for your work in making this fine video. Judging from the fact it has almost half a million views, I think "they like it"! Good job!

  2. I wanted to add my compliments on your tape.

    Very nice job of "instruction". More than instruction actually. The mental attitude during your presentation as you were facing the little frustrations that always are there was very inspiring to me. It was a pleasure to watch.

    I tuned in originally because my Gateway little Note book LT41PO5u is failing to boot up properly, I can't even reach BIOS, and I wanted to get inside because I suspect a RAM issue, but could not (and still cannot) find a way in! Four screws on the back are obvious, but did not help me get into it!

    I am uncertain I want to turn it over to a real professional since it cost only about $200 at Walmart, but you know, I am "found" of it, and since I am long term Ham Radio guy (like 59 years since age 13) I wanted to repair it myself. I have it here, and will continue to search for a way into it, but meanwhile I sat and watched the entire presentation whre you replaced the heavily worn power feed because I kind of enjoyed seeing you work.

    Thanks for the splendid example!

    Rick Harvey, NH

  3. First off, Dallas, I think your a jerk!
    I thing you did a great job and didn't try to hide anything as we all are not perfect.
    I'm in my 70's and have been curious about circuits so now I have time to learn on "Youtube". Thanks again

  4. I knew there was an issue with the ac brick when you were testing it with you DMM…I noticed how slow it took to reach 19-ish volts.

  5. Here I was thinking you were doing a great job and what do you do, you contaminate the thermal compound with Sebum (that's an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands). And then at the end we have the fuckup with the power brick. If you were working for me you would not have a job. Remember the old saying: The right tool for the right job! No bloody heat gun to shrink the tubing! What kind of kangaroo workshop you running there.?

  6. hey I just wanted to thank you for this video I really didn't think I'd watch the entire hour because I thought that you would just rambling on. but in reality you did a very detailed and great video and I hope that I can help me fix my laptop find a Sony so the power input to the motherboard is already a wire . replaced the power adapter and the power wire that clips into the motherboard still no power . pretty sure I smells a faint burning smell right before the laptop shutoff. any ideas ?

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