Laptop Repair: Wont Boot Up HP DV6000

Laptop Repair: Wont Boot Up HP DV6000

Laptop Repair: Wont Boot Up HP DV6000

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  1. Are you kidding me?This is not repair.This is very very easy way.Bull shit.Everybody can change the motherboard.This is baby toy.You are not working stupid man.

  2. i have a HP dv6 , think its called an envy ,was working great until recently , it now just flashes caps lock and other small light beside the number keypad , could this prob be fixed , been told its bios as of the number off flashes it does ? and been told its nackered and need new mother board ? , any ideas please . thanks

  3. Couple things: you don't use vacuumcleaner on a computer!!!! and ALWAYS, open the fan, and clean it welll…, it is usually full of hair kind of dust!!!!

  4. ok so i have the same computer. But my screen turns on like to reboot as if theres no hard drive. i also can get into bios but in new hard drive thinking that was it to reload windows from Dvd rom. it still won't boot. 

    could there be any answers? thanks 

  5. Nice job.  I've done work on those as well.  I like to put the thermal paste on in the center of the CPU in a tiny ball.  When the heat sink is attached it will spread that out nicely and with far fewer air bubbles.

  6. nice replace a motherboard with a faulty motherboard so smart bro these thing over heat no matter what and ruin them selfs this is a waste of time and money there lucky to get 6 months out of this also hp was caught seelin bad stuff a lot i would have sold them a different laptop like any thing

  7. god these laptops are shit worked on hundreds of them always shit don't waste money on repairs some els will break i promise


    OPTION 1
    upon boot up of your comp- press F8 frequently until you get  start up menu/the logo to come on- (stop pressing when the logo pops up) then let it do its thing….then go to LAST known GOOD confguration (if you can) or even start up windows normally-let this load up the profile up.  you might need to repeat this

    Listen for the sounds coming from your lap top or the LACK of sounds – do you hear fans? if you do then fine…but it might turn on at start up then shut off. then it means you have dust/debris on the fans and in the air vent/holes – this is and obious problem if you have not dusted your fans in a million years- got to a well ventilated area and get some compressed air and blow out all the holes- repeat if you need too

    OPTION 3
    You might have static causing your problem- Take out the battery out and UNPLUG the power cable NOW press your power button for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to discharge the excess static charge- after that is done REPLUG your power cable (not the battery) and power it back on- if it turns on like normal then that was tyour problem. but DO listen for the fans if they are running or not-

    Try this method with OR with  out the battery (if with out the battery then the main power cable will need to be in) OR (if battery is in leave the main power cable out) 

    – Once the method where the battery is in and it powers back on- then AFTER it boots up

    OPTION 4
    IF you keep having the problems in OPTION 3- you will need to clean your fan and redo the thermal paste- the fan is basically blowing static charged DUST all over the place recreating the static electronics hate

    OPTION 5
    like OPTION 1 instead of pressing F8 repeatedly at start up to get the menu- you press CONTROL+ALT+DELETE at start up repeatedly (and not too fast and not too slow) until you get to the start up menu to come on then let it do its thing (load)- repeat if u need to

    OPTION 6
    if you are still having problems the blow dryer method CAN work for 1 minute (but make sure you have no battery/power of any kind into it- blow dry the fan vent for 30 seconds-NOT 1 min then let it cool on MEDIUM heat.

    OPTION 7
    CAN OF AIR method (even  the fans are clean) blow the main fan in both directions

    OPTION 8
    it might be the monitor on how to check for that is you get a bright Light and put it close to teh monitor and if u see the logo of the monitor coming through most likely the monitor is shot and OR your back light is bad 

    OPTION 9 
    Your ram might be out of the ram slot or the ram slot is bad bad oyou have to switch the rams around to see- or you have 1 ram is bad or you have a mis matched ram stick that is not really compatible with your computer

    OPTION 10
    if your laptop comes on ONLY when the battery is in but not when the main power cable is in – it might be the power cable itself

    OPTION 11

    your hard drive might be dying

    i hope that helps

  9. please help me,my hp notebook only can be use in safe mode,how to turn on sound in safe mode,i need easy solution,reply on my

  10. Good video! Hay, I have a hp zd8000 that was fine but after setting for a year will not turn on at all. Looks like it is changing and left it charge over nite. Than I tried pulling the battery & restarting it and than trying it without the battery but still nothing. Thank you!

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