Learn A Wedding Dance Online – Learn to Tango

Learn A Wedding Dance Online - Learn to Tango


This is a clip from our wedding dance instructional dvd video titled “Your First Dance.” In this Wedding Dance DVD, we teach four dances; Foxtrot, Waltz, American Tango and Swing. If you are interested in learning any of these ballroom dances visit our website.


By Your Side Dance Studio
12613 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


  1. great movements, only the floor makes it hard to see properly…
    I did not realise how good the American Tango is…
    happy dancing

  2. We are restricted by licensing laws as to what music we can use on videos, therefore, we cannot choose the best music. As for stiffness, Tango is not meant to be a soft dance like waltz. It has a stronger, staccato style.

  3. Great video! I've never paid much attention to the American style dance until I watched you! Beautiful!
    One suggestion, maybe it would be easier to see your steps if the floor is a lighter color.

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