Learn Hip Hop: Dance Class by Misha Gabriel: House Level 1

Learn Hip Hop: Dance Class by Misha Gabriel: House Level 1

This is just a preview hip-hop class! Get the full hip hop video series by Misha Gabriel here: https://www.codyapp.com/plans/learn-hip-hop-choreography?utm_source=cody_youtube_preview_mishadance&utm_medium=cody_social&utm_campaign=misha_dance

This Hip Hop plan by Misha Gabriel will teach you his original choreography to Mark Ballas’s “No Pressure” with 10 different lessons. In each lesson, Misha will teach you a variety of dance styles starting with the least difficult and working our way up. Misha will teach you Old School, Grooves, Commercial, House, Jazz Funk and more. Learn more about the Hip Hop Choreography plan here: https://www.codyapp.com/plans/learn-hip-hop-choreography?utm_source=cody_youtube_preview_mishadance&utm_medium=cody_social&utm_campaign=misha_dance

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  1. this only tells you what to do and not how to do it. I did okay I guess… I want to know how to do it, not what to do, that comes second

  2. this is Level 1, but it was too fast for me – need the moves broken down more. This is focussed on learning routine, not smooch the individual moves.

  3. Really awesome but waaaay too fast for a beginner like me. Not enough explanation for me to get a firm grasp of what was really happening and how to move my body right. 🙁 But I bet it's really difficult to try to fit a whole lesson into yt format and that's probably why.

  4. Thanks a lot "CODY "for such a outstanding Hip hop dance which is my most f8 dance. You make me more confident with your awesome training steps. I done side side your guiding given by you in this youtube video. Thanku so so so much –CODY—-

  5. I take martial arts, so I know how to keep light on toes and feet, but dang, my sense of beat is horrible.

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